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Each week, Viridian publishes insights and analysis on completed capital raise transactions in the prior week, focusing on all equity and debt deals. Our analysis includes:

  • YTD Analysis
  • Sector Focus
  • Capital Raises vs Equity Prices
  • Outlook
  • Sector and Company Performance
  • Capital Raises by Sector

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YTD Analysis

Week ended 05/06/2022

Transactional Activity

  • There was one more transaction and a $25.9 million higher volume this week compared to last week. Compared to the previous year’s same week, one more transaction closed, but volume was down by $311.3 million. The average deal size was $19.4 million this week vs. $63.9 million in the same week last year. Last year’s totals were skewed by the $326.1M Hydrofarm underwritten equity issue, which made up approximately 73% of the total capital raised in the week.

Cannabis capital raises are off 66% YTD:

  • Reduced equity issuance (down 74.5% y/o/y in the U.S. and 91.6% in Canada) was partially compensated for in the U.S. by solid debt issuance (up 78.1% y/o/y; however, Canada’s debt decline of 82.9% brought total debt issuance down by 22.6%. As the graph below shows, capital raises for the first eighteen weeks of 2022 were dominated by U.S. activity. Public companies continue to account for over 75% of total financing YTD, but this is down significantly from 90% in 2021. Private company capital raises are down only 17% YTD relative to the 72% decline for public companies.

Market Commentary and Outlook

This Week Sector Focus

Capital Raises vs Stock Prices

  • There were seven closed capital raises totaling $135.9.0M this week, and non-plant touching sectors dominated activity. Software accounted for 98% of equity capital raised, while Real Estate sector raises accounted for 93% of debt financing.

Best and Worst Stock Performers